Industrial Engineering

Development of electronic equipment

We use engineering to automate at hight level the processes of our customers, using the synergy needed to combine the design and realization of software.

Software Engineering

The knowledge taken to the practice

Our team of engineers work together applying the logic to all our products.

Committed to R&D

At the forefront of technology

It is our main concern: Using the most modern and reliable technologies for the benefit of our customers.

Engineering Team

Our technicians our main value

The highly qualified team ensures our success.

Welcome Message.

In Search of Excellence ...

I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Horus. I trust that this vehicle of information and communication allows you to obtain all the information you need about our activities.

The ideology of our engineers, technicians and other employees in our company is the search for plainness and simplicity in the solution to the challenges we face. Maximum use our ingenuity, think and meditate, constantly apply knowledge and experience, face projects forward, are slogans brilliantly assumed ​​by our team.

The commitment acquired by our company to research and develop new ideas has taken us in recent years to make numerous R & D projects supported by the CDTI and other public agencies. This spirit of innovation has impregnated into all areas of Horus.

Thanking you for your visit and hoping that it will be useful, I send you a cordial greeting.

Rodrigo Málaga Tello

Managing Director.