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The Guidance systems developed by Horus for parking organizations, obtaining information in real time and helping users, are conceived as expert systems supported on standard communication bus between sensors and the Ethernet TCP / IP protocol. We have all the equipment demanded by the market: detection sensors for the geometric center of the parking station and lights to each corridor, sensor and light in the same device, and license plate and light detection, the latter the most complete since we even get the traceability of the vehicle from the access to its final location.

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The system has to adapt to the architecture of each parking and adopt the best solution in each case to optimize the assembly and installation of wiring, a very important part of the budget. At Horus we carry out the preliminary study on the planimetry provided and visit the parking to carry out a stakeout, mainly for calculating heights, which is essential for the correct execution and operation of the system.
In the sensor and light model, either in the same sensor or in an independent one, the height-calibrated ultrasound sensors trigger the sensor on the empty parking lot in green Free. When a vehicle parks in a free space and interrupts the normal calibration of the sensor, it detects the vehicle and sends a command to change the status to red Taken.
In the camera sensor mode, the system provides, in addition to the above, the traceability of the vehicle and its exact location in the parking lot.

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  • Quick identification of free parking spaces.
  • Service and security image (sensor with camera).
  • Lost vehicle detection (sensor with camera).
  • Vehicle traceability (sensor with camera).
  • Easy assembly, the same device optimizes the whole installation.


  • Status display in real time.
  • Control and organization of the parking capacity.
  • Layout of the installation plan as a system monitor.
  • Statistical data of occupation by spaces, floors and areas.
  • Tele-management of free and taken spaces, able to modifications if desired.
  • Space reservation management.


  • Gas emission reduction.
  • Obtaining the distinctive as a local equipped with systems for low emission of polluting gases.

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